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Gel Nursing Pad

Product Information:

Supported by Sanitabant’s specially developed gel technology this product is effective against the pain, cracks and irritation nursing mothers may experience in their nipples. It helps in the recovery of the environment for the skin to regain its natural moisture concentration and promotes fast healing. If used when redness is first observed in the nipples, it prevents irritation by keeping the area moisturized and supple. It helps in reducing the pain by softening and refreshing the nipple and the areola. Supports the development of ideal environment for the treatment of cracked nipples. Therefore enables mother’s to continue nursing. Its ultra soft texture prevents pressure build up in the affected area and its absorbent quality is effective against possible leakage between nursing sessions.

Product Characteristics:

  • Contains 30% pure water.
  • Provides effective protection
  • Provides instant relief with its gel structure.
  • Permeable to gasses.
  • Water proof.
  • Protects damaged skin against bacteria and dirt.
  • Helps shorten healing time by increasing moisture content of skin.
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