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Betacure Hydrocolloid Foam Backed

Foam coated hydrocolloid dressing

Betacure Hydrocolloid Foam Backed is an adhesive wound dressing that contains synthetic polymers and hydrophilic powder as absorbent materials. When it interacts with the wound exudates it transforms into gel form that supports the ideal wound healing environment. Betacure Hydrocolloid foam backed consists of 3 layers

  • The hydrocolloid matrix that’s in contact with the wound surface
  • The polyurethane layer in the middle
  • The outer polyurethane film layer

The Betacure Hydrocolloid Foam Backed absorbs the exudates into the hydrocolloid matrix and transforms into an adhesive gel form. The absorbed exudates are transferred to the air permeable outer polyurethane film layer by the polyurethane foam layer. This triple combination not only increases the total liquid holding capacity of the dressing but helps in maintaining the moisture levels necessary for the wound. This ensures maintenance of moist wound environment and prevents external drying of the wound.

Areas of Use;

Used  in chronic and acute lesions with light and average exudates

Ordering Information:

Code Dimensions Number of Boxes


5cm x 7,5cm



10cm x 10cm



15cm x 15cm


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