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Human Resources

Company Values:

Creativity, manufacturing in accordance with quality standards, speed and growth constitute Betasan’s company values. Betasan believes its success depends on the skills and the performance of its employees and the primary company goal of Betasan is to choose the right employee for each field, provide professional development to employees, and increase employee motivation.

Organizational structure:

Betasan’s organizational structure consists of a CEO charged by the board and other functions reporting to the CEO.

  • General Directorate
  • Finance
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Quality
  • Manufacturing
  • Storage and Logistics

Currently Betasan operates with approximately 240 employees. Betasan which provides services throughout Turkey has district offices and medical representatives in every part of the country.

The Process of Recruitment

With the awareness that the one of the most important building blocks of the road to success is the performance and competence of its employees, Betasan employs a rigorous and thorough recruitment procedure to place the right individual to the right position.

Betasan accepts employment application via internet and responds to each applicant the same way. If there are available positions suitable applicants are invited to headquarters for an interview with the Human Resources and successful candidates are interviewed again by the executive of the relevant department. If the applicant is deemed qualified he/she is informed of all pertinent aspects of the position being offered and following the acceptance of the offer by the candidate employment process is initiated.

Career Development

For Betasan a carrier path is not just getting promoted but increased authority and responsibilities based on performance as well. Therefore ongoing personal development is one of our ever present criteria. The annually planned training programs are designed in support of this goal.


Training plays a major role in every Betasan employee’s development plan. Necessary trainings required based on the positions and individual’s needs are determined and reported to Human Resources. After all needs are determined trainings are offered based on the training plan prepared by Human Resources. Depending on type training they are either outsourced or provided by Human Resources. If necessary, seminars in foreign countries can also be incorporated in to the program.

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